A programme to upgrade the skill levels of kidney patients in areas such as sewing, artificial flower making and arrangements, cooking, cake and dessert making and other skills.

Sewing Classes – MKAC sewing classes include Malay traditional costumes, dressmaking, curtain making, pantsuits, bridal bedsheets and designed cushion covers. A total of 11 participants enrolled for the sewing classes.

Making of glass flowers – In these classes participants are taught how to make attractive and colourful artificial flowers. A total of 9 beneficiaries enrolled for the classes.

Baking classes – MKAC baking classes teach the participants how to bake various cakes such as wedding cakes and rolls and cookies and other items such as Malay traditional sweet cakes and desserts. A total of 12 participants enrolled for these classes.

In 2010 MKAC introduced several skills upgrading classes for our beneficiaries.

The goal of this program is to upgrade the skills of the kidney patients and enhance their employment prospects.

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