Our Vision

We visualize a community of people, who despite suffering from chronic disease and organ failure are confident, self reliant, live in dignity and are fully empowered to manage their own lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill in persons suffering from chronic illness and organ failure, a strong sense of self belief, self-reliance and to provide them with the best opportunities to fully manage their lives.

Our Guiding Principles

We have 3 guiding principles which govern the operation of our programmes and services:

Rely on self

  • We will help patients to be self-reliant
  • We will help to instill in them a strong sense of confidence and self belief
  • We will help them to acquire skills through training and do not provide “handouts

Family as the pillar of support

  • We will help build strong family bonds
  • We will give particular attention to their children’s needs
  • We will support the family members in their efforts to improve their ability to care for the kidney patient

Many helping hands approach

  • We will work closely with partner organizations (government and social), community organizations and charitable and philanthropic institutions to benefit kidney patients and their families
  • We will help build strong sense community spirit amongst patients suffering from chronic illness and organ failure to encourage strong peer group support amongst them