Who We Are

The Muslim Kidney Action Association (MKAC) was founded as a non-profit social service organization for the benefit of the chronically ill members of our community (including kidney and organ failure patients) and their families.

MKAC is a registered charity with the Commissioner of Charities. It is also a registered society with the Registrar of Societies since April 2004, and a Full Member of the National Council of Social Services. Since 2004, MUIS has entrusted MKAC to manage the affairs of 300 Muslim kidney patients who are MUIS zakat recipients. Through this authority, MUIS has empowered MKAC to disburse zakat finds to 30 of the 300 kidney patients as a form of financial assistance for the direct benefit of kidney patients.

Kidney Patients

Since 1990, MKAC has provided assistance to kidney patients and their families in more ways than just monetary handouts. MKAC provides assistance to the whole family to provide well-rounded holistic benefits, as we believe that a strong family supports the kidney patient just as well as other forms of assistance. MKAC’s services are open to persons from all races and religions.

Kidney patient’s strains come from not just the medical condition of kidney disease, but the “fallout” from it. Patients suffer financial hardship as they are not able to work regular hours and face termination from their jobs by employers. The financial hardship leads difficulties in daily living cost, children’s education, housing, among other areas. The costs of transportation to dialysis, dialysis treatment, and medication add to these burdens.

Emotional strain is suffered not just by the patient but by the entire family. Family members face the burden of caring for the patients through various stages of the disease. Breadwinners have to earn money to pay for treatment, when many families are living on low wages, some even completely on government assistance. Patients themselves face isolation, loneliness, exclusion and guilt from suffering this disease. This is especially hard on children of kidney patients, who feel the feel the impact from the disease in the form of involuntary parental neglect, anti-social behavior and dropping out of school.

Kidney patients also suffer from other physical challenges like heart problems, visual impairment, diabetes, cancer, leukemia, high blood pressure, fatigue, disorientation among others. Some even have to face the amputation of limbs, confinement to wheelchairs and other mobility difficulties.

Our Objectives

As such, MKAC’s programmes and services aim to address these various challenges faced by not just kidney patients, but also by their family members. Our assistance programmes are geared towards providing them with the tools, skills and opportunities to overcome their present challenges and enable them to become self-sufficient, self reliant and live in dignity.

Since registered as a society in April 2004, MKAC’s objective has been to provide the entire family with help in a more holistic manner and not just giving them funds to subsidise their dialysis treatments.

MKAC has mapped out several programmes in keeping with the values of:

  • F airness

  • A ttentiveness

  • M aking a difference

  • I ntegrity

  • L ife-long learning

  • Y earning for Improvement